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Bratislava: TatraCity is completion of Einstein's "business street"

Not long ago when the Relaxx center was added to Bratislava-Petržalka, which by his architectural layout exceeded the Slovak border. Today, the same is true of its close neighbour – these days completed and inspected complex TatraCity, which offers modern housing meeting the highest standards. And simultaneously completes the line of the shopping – administrative Einsteinova Street by its impressive manner. Both dominants come from the architectural workshop of Ľubomír Závodný.

Although the Tatra City is officially in Černyševského Street it has much more to do with parallel ongoing Einstein's Street, partly identical with the Petržalka stage of the D1 motorway. The location on the interface of the old and the modern zone (elevated road of Jantárová cesta) became a real trump card in a sleeve of the developer. The architecture of „a compact block on a non-compact territory“ (in terms of professional characteristics of Imro Vašek) corresponds to the new as well as the panel residual substance, really unobtrusive.

Strict separation of administration from housing

The biggest preference of housing in this interesting complex is remarkable outlook at all dominants of the Old Town as well as easy pedestrian access to shopping in Aupark, relax (Relaxx) or a piece of green (Sad Janka Kráľa). And also walking from TatraCity over the Old Bridge and to downtown is pleasant. All these places can be easily reached through the barrier-free foot bridges over the motorway, which through the eyes of critics „cut unfortunately“ the largest Slovak settlement in two parts.

The residential house TatraCity is a part of the multipurpose building TatraCity. It consists of " the signal tower" (a high-rise office building) serving for a bank and of „the linear double tower“ accumulating housing function with external (40) and internal (134) parking spaces and the multi function on the ground floor and the first aboveground floor.

And now the most significant: unlike other projects, linking office space with housing units, TatraCity provides other solution, whose basic aim is nothing other than the precise segregation of the administrative building from the residential area that forms a closed whole. Its another advantage is, as added architect Závodný – a winner of the tender to build TatraCity – that he also designed the neighbouring building Relaxx, so he knew very well the whole territory, which should be thicken. By the proposal of TatraCity he wanted to also create an outside line of Petržalka.

Windows – outlook, light, ventilation, noise

Developer TatraCity – Tatra Residence (a member of Tatrabanka Group) – named future residents of the exclusive object precisely. Even so the whole residential area is divided into two parts. Balcony apartments with large loggias oriented to the solar south side to the environment of quieter Petržalka create the massive base occupying four floors (the 4th-the 7th) and starting above the multifunctional base. This is mostly about double room units for families with children, moving in a lower price level. This determination also underlines their resting green zone – the park combined with a children's playground, children’s corner on the 4th aboveground floor, situated high, far from noise.

In such a solid base get up two visually impressive towers offering high standard large apartments on its 9th to 15th floor. While in the balcony houses were emphasised light and space, here plays prim the unique outlook. All apartments are in a fact arranged so that their owners provide insight into one of the landmarks of the city. The windows, which are deliberately stretching along the entire wall of the living room for this purpose, also offer high trans-illumination. Being a relatively noisy area – highway, train – for elimination of noise is equipped with triple glass. Another unique feature of TatraCity is natural ventilation of the closed windows, which provide specially built ventilators sucking fresh air.

High standard of thermal comfort

TatraCity apartment building itself contains a total of 96 two-room to four-room apartments with the area of 75 to 135 m2, located on two levels of value. The first (on the 4th to the 7th floors) are balcony houses, mainly double-room apartments with terraces and large loggias with south orientation. The second offers high standard in the form of two separate towers with apartments on the 9th to the 15th floor enabling extraordinary panoramic view of Old Town from a spacious loggia.

Surprising in the context of the crisis is the average price of apartments – that ranges from 162 600 Euro VAT included (to 2 300 Euro, VAT included, per m2), which according to sources of NARKS, King Sturge and Labartt is the Bratislava average. The much awaited „price bomb“ is thus far not acted somehow…

“Living in the TatraCity house is determined both the generation of young, dynamic, career-oriented people who live an active life. The category of spacious high standard 3-room – and 4-room apartments is in turn determined to more demanding middle and upper society, searching for comfort,“ points out the director of Tatra Residence, Miloš Sušársky. As he adds, the construction of TatraCity used most up to date technology with regard to high standard of thermal comfort for its future residents. The whole building has a backup source of electricity, which in case of failure will ensure its energy self-sufficiency.

Photo – Tatrabanka, Wikipedia, bloguje.sk

Author: SF / Juraj Pokorný, Date 10.11.2009