/en/article/12644/perla-ruzinova-is-ongoing-it-does-not-admit-itself-the-world-crisis-till-now/ Perla Ružinova is ongoing – it does not admit itself the world crisis till now
Perla Ružinova is ongoing – it does not admit itself the world crisis till now

Perla Ružinova is ongoing – it does not admit itself the world crisis till now

Several projects have got to the unofficial list of suspended, frozen or terminated ones in Bratislava from the global crisis reason. In the effort not to lose its reputation and prestige, the contact persons of developers, investors or sellers render a reason for building activity attenuation by waiting for the new city planning scheme of the concerned municipal district. It has to be invited like positive from the defined looking angle. Many times there were growing up residential solitaires, multifunctional sets or large complexes combining administrative, business and residential function with minimal sense of entire urban context and related traffic aspects, on unused or blighted areas. In spite of that it cannot be told till now that the development would direct to an emergency regime. Not in Ružinov at least. Recently building in the currently most dynamic Bratislava district reduced its high fastness else, however, some objects continue such a way like the real estate crisis would be a clear fiction.

And it also seams that the growing up multifunctional complex Perla Ružinova (the Pearl of Ružinov), which will enrich the statistic balance of the municipal district by 314 new flat units and 14 000 m2 above standard equipped administrative and business spaces, in closing by three rush streets – Gagarinova, Kaštieľska a Mierova, avoids it preliminary successfully. The first dig sounded there last year, today the building area is enclosed and ground works connected with engineering networks building are carrying out in accordance with the time schedule targeted. Sometimes in spring the object of former G-Market, today the seat of Mountfield, Zoodom and small business premises, should fall a victim to the new object

Timeless architectonic design

Prestige multifunctional complex on the European level, which takes practical and esthetical attributes of modern housing into consideration – using these words the developer of M-Invest Slovakia characterizes Perla Ružinova. And he is simultaneously supplementing, that it should be harmonically incorporated into the existing infrastructure of surrounding, by its attractive, timeless and whereas functional architectonic design. Let us remind, that the zone on the outskirt of dynamically pulsing new Ružinov and calm old Prievoz is concerned with mainly village-type houses. Incontestable contribution of this construction is spreading quite weak commercial facilities of this municipal district by ample business gallery.

Perla Ružinova consists of three independent sectors – residential, business and administrative – connected by three common cellars. Contractors of the project used the layout solution by the form of the five solitary towers growing up from the double-floored multifunctional platform. The way of their vertical structuring will offer possibility of better lighting the inner block, where relaxation zone will grow involving park planting intended for the resort inhabitants. Substructure of the building will bed on pillars and spilling. The fabric will grow on iron-concrete pillars and plates, whereas plate roofs should consist of hydro insulation and heat insulation layers from extruded polystyrene.

Top interior designs

The multifunctional set layout is divided to four residential objects – Diamant, Rubín, Smaragd, Zafír (diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire) offering 314 flats of all size categories with the area from 45 to 120 m2 and one administrative 16-floored tower Platinum (office spaces with entire area of 10 000 m2). The buildings, from which any disposes of its own communication core, will be functional and divided from operational point of view, however, interconnected by two-floored aboveground parterre with large glassed gallery, which offers up to 4 000 m2 of business premises and services and underground garages with above 500 parking places.

Plastic windows, laminated floors, safety entrance doors, wood interior doors, quality sanitary conveniences will belong to the standard equipment of the flats placed from the third aboveground floor of the residential towers. However, the offer does not finish with high standard of equipment. The developer supplements possibility of realizing layout changes compared with the design like a bonus – according to individual needs and imaginations of a client. High standard and finish of interiors as well as top layouts will ensure comfort and quality of modern housing. Non-stop reception and 24-hour security of tower area also proves high European level of the municipal residential complex.

The Perla Ružinova building-up is divided into several phases, whereas, their owners could get keys from first offices in Platinum tower and flats in Diamant tower already in year 2010 and final version with all the complex finished is expected one year later. As Filip Jamriška from M-Invest Slovakia Mierová, s.r.o. confirmed for Stavebné fórum.sk, determined deadlines are not being changed. Told by other words – the crisis did not touch this project till now.

Transport by neuralgic point

Like we gathered from the investor, extraordinary well – namely strategic position of Perla Ružinova with almost flash connection to motorway bypass roads and out of problems connection with other parts of Bratislava presents outstanding device for dynamic business making and wasted time in the morning rush hours can already become past. Let us supplement that mainly for those, who will take decision on housing, relax and working in one – it means in the frame of the future complex. No answered question – and it is for everybody – remains namely the impact of mass and high-volume capacity of new construction to the traffic load of the overloaded locality.

Because instead of originally 3 towers and 300 parking places there ought to be 5 and 500 ultimately, fears are arising rightly, whether the high-capacity of underground garages accessible from Gagarinova Street and with opening to Mierova Street would not complicate more already very difficult situation in the traffic junction and would not generate heavy solved neuralgic problem. And who knows, what it will make with occupancy of the streets Mierova, Gagarinova a Tomášikova in synergy with not so far situated multifunctional set Retro growing up on the place of former shopping centre Jadran. Everybody knows, that traffic connection here is not already ideal long time, and what about in a close future, when the traffic intensity should increase by one thousand cars a day.

Something about the developer

M-Invest Slovakia, s.r.o., the developer company, is a member of the strong Portugal Group Mota-Engil, which belongs among important players in the European building industry with more than 50-year experiences in the concerned area and portfolio covering all spectrum from motorways building, through gigantic water resources to ground building construction of administrative and housing complexes all over the world. The company started its activities in the region of Central Europe in Prague (1998) and gradually obtained steady position also in Poland, Hungarian, Slovak and Romanian market. Currently it is engaged in capitals of all Central European countries, from where it manages its main activity – building and market involving real estates. It is mostly oriented for building-up residential projects, paying attention to the selection of locality with sufficiency of green areas and good traffic connections.

Autor: SF / Juraj Pokorný, Dátum 03.02.2009