/en/article/12814/our-new-strategy-intention-to-keep-ourselves-in-the-european-top-is-not-changing/ Our new strategy intention to keep ourselves in the European top is not changing
Our new strategy intention to keep ourselves in the European top is not changing

Our new strategy intention to keep ourselves in the European top is not changing

As we informed several times, TriGranit Company obtained the Developer of year 2008 award at the second year of CiJ Awards Slovakia, which has already met to plan and realize several large multifunctional and administrative projects in Slovakia capital since year 1997. By which it explains the reality that in current extraordinary hard competition it came in the match for such prestige title like a winner? „Predominantly by quality, attractiveness and multifunction of our projects, including continuous enlarging and innovation of offered services, “JUDr. Gábor Zászlós, chairman of the TriGranit Development Corporation board of directors, answered this question and other questions of the Internet magazine Stavebné fórum.sk as well.

It is pretended that we are the third biggest developer in the Europe and among foreigner developers the first one, who entered the Slovakian market particularly by the project Bratislava shopping-entertainment centre Polus City Center. Can be this position or primacy „sustainable” such way not to be doubt by others?

Who others? Laic public, congruency, potential clients would doubt? Burden of evidence is on this side yet, which wants to prove eventual contrary against the public well-known fact. We have nothing to proof. Constructions can be classified like „ the reference“realized in all 11 countries, where TriGranit acts. There is nothing to doubt, just in Bratislava there are results of our projects in the city district Nové Mesto visible to public daily.

TriGranit had and apparently still has outstanding starting-point for further expansion to real estate market of the Central and Eastern Europe, including huge Russia market, for which it had prepared several-billiards package. How tracks of ongoing global crisis caught to affect these intentions?

We proceeded to analysis of possible impacts responsibly and our investment policy adapts itself to real course of events on the market. So we behave rationally, how can be expected from the subject for cause, which deals with means of shareholders. Our strategy intention is to keep ourselves on the European top.

Total actual volume of investments of TriGranit Company presents 222 millions Euro in Slovakia, which offered job opportunities for 6000 people. Are you not afraid, that this credit, for which you earned acknowledgement by right recently, can the nearest macro-economical development make relative at the least?

We used to tell, that numbers shut out. Facts in your question are irreversible ones, in historically clearly concluded, bordered period, and like that they seam to me hardly made relative.

Characteristic feature of the TriGranit projects in Slovakia and other European countries is always multifunctionality, while along a centroidal shopping centre many functions with some dominance scroll. Movies in Bratislava, the ice pool in Budapest, however the chapel in Katowice. How Catholic Church, which have traditionally strong influence in Poland, admitted this „symbiosis of co-op and religion?”

Very well, with satisfaction and understanding it was. On the other side, it is characteristic for our company that it always looks for a space for regional or domestic specifics in its projects in the frame of strategic thinking. Another not less important phase is opened namely after the construction finalize, the phase of coexistence with domestic institutions – with self-administration or other constituents of the state government.

Along multifunctional facilities you also addict to administrative segment, where – like it results from your promotion materials – you pay attention to quality equipment in the highest European standards. However, more developers reason the same: „Just this differentiates us from the competitors on the market! “ Some of them hurried up even with issuing various manuals on attributes, which ought to content obligatory „right office „A“.

There is no doubt about it. Satisfaction of our customers is the best evidence of it. I would be thankful to you, if you send me such the manual.

Last year TriGranit open the first phase of the Lakeside Park 01 project – the administrative building class „A“ in Bratislava Nové Mesto, which it itself titled like „the highest standard accessible on the Slovakian market“ and like „the most progressive administrative high-rise building here“. No offence, but it is probably enough, that with such appraisal would not agree other key players in the area of administrative building development in Slovakia.

In your question or quotation respectively the truth is caught. Really the high-rise administrative building is concerned. We do not need agreement or disagreement of colleagues from development. We would appreciate not to exceed the entrepreneur’s subject basic code of ethics in general so as we would keep good reputation at our clients. What I mean? Each developer, who builds and rents, or improves its project some way, should still have in his mind, that interest and satisfaction of clients is the best reference. Ergo, the Latin rule ought to pay „pacta sund servanta – agreements ought to be being adhered to“. It means what we declare to a client in the contract, we have to give him in fact.

Short pause or tactical attenuation is it? We paid such question above one months ago in connection with momentary quiet around the large Lakeside Park complex, which ought to offer about 90 000 m2 of rentable area in the final phase (till year 2013). Can you confirm, what is subscribing to suspension of the project or shifting the terms of its realization respectively this moment – waiting for change of the planning permission or impacts of the worldwide financial crisis?

It is side-run of factors. We have made the motion for the planning permission change, but on the other hand, like I reminded, we survey very carefully. And investment policy of our company also adapts to these facts. We assume that many projects on tap in the segment of Office will not be realized in the capital. This fact, because we recognize it worthy respecting, we register like the serious factor of price creation for future period.

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Autor: SF / Juraj Pokorný, Dátum 17.02.2009