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Will Slovakia have the first skyscraper finally?

Will Slovakia have the first skyscraper finally?

So like we know, where the first skyscraper all over the world grew, these moments is stops be clear, who, when and where will build-up such titled high building in our country. Although it does not seem, Slovakia has not the skyscraper till now, which has to reach minimally 150 m height according to the international classification. Several developers notified their gigantic (however in eyes of protectionists and preservers megalomaniac) structures recently in the locality on the edge of Bratislava Old City and Ružinov, approximately determined by Mlynské Nivy, Košická, Pribinova, Chalupkova and Bottova Streets. The struggle about that who will bring the historical primate by the building-up of the highest tower, acquired sky-high tempo. J&T Company came with the record-breaking number of 54 aboveground storeys last time in the Panorama City project, by which it would blast HB Reavis Group and its Twin City.

Only several months of the crisis were enough and everything is different immediately. Developers give out their original visions and descend from clouds to the ground slowly. Exactly told – it will be by something lower than they planned. In spite of that the strongest players of the local market start re-evaluate exaggerated formats of investment intentions too after their newest bitter experiences with drop of demand, thoughts to sing up itself under the highest building in the republic they give out only very unwillingly.

Twin City feels strongly about the first place

The developer company HB Reavis Group does not professes henceforth the ambition to build-up really first Bratislava and equally Slovak skyscraper. The part of the Twin City multifunctional complex at Mlynské Nivy ought to also be the office tower. And just its height – 170 metres and 42 storeys became disputable item of further promotion of the project due to combined effect of the world crisis and pressure of the Bratislava self-administration.

„Originally we counted in with 42-storeys high dominant, but after talk with the city, which pressed to decrease number of storeys, we accepted the number of 30 storeys, “ Roman Karabelli, the speaker of HB Reavis Group, told for Stavebné fórum.sk. „The newest development is going upwards again and according to the example of Klingerka, which substantially overstepped the height level of buildings in the zone, also the city inclines so as we would return to the original parameters of the administrative tower. If the economy situation is favourable, we will judge it, but I will not tell you the accurate number of storeys now, “Karabelli added.

Large area of Twin City ought to absorb the old bus station and the operating halls of former Káblovka on both sides of Mlynské Nivy. The developer plans to build-up the integral „city in city“ here besides the new bus station (a shopping centre, administrative spaces, a hotel, 1200 flats, shopping bridges, a market hall, an alternative theatre and underground parking places for thousands cars), which together with other structures would bring transformation of the locality and whole Bratislava. In case of realization in the original range and financial volume (600 millions Euro) the biggest investment action in Slovakia will be concerned.

The term of the structure building-up is more questionable than the height of the skyscraper. Till now not specified term of the building-up launch results to unclear date of Twin City finalization (year 2013 was indicated like the last one). The developer uses the pause forced by circumstances for preparation works. Visible movement off mechanisms in the area of the fenced building place relates to the sanitation permission reputedly, which will enable to go to the depth of 4 metres while removing fastened concrete areas. However HB Reavis has not had the valid planning permission yet till now. „The obstacle for the planning scheme, which is unsuitable for this locality, and in the interest of its development, it will require elaborating some changes, “Karabelli indicated for SITA agency currently.

Panorama City does not feel strongly about the first place yet

In contrast to previous project, the developer of which insists on the original height of its skyscraper henceforward, or will reduce it minimally eventually, J&T Real Estate Company recognized now that it give out definitely its intention to be the keeper of the height record.

„Originally we started from the height of 135 meters, while we have EIA for 180 metres – this is the limit we want to move within it. This moment our intentions unreel from the level by something lower than 150 metres,“ Maroš Sýkora, the developer speaker disclosed actualised parameters of the Panorama City project for Stavebné fórum.sk and added: „The residential object with additional administrative facility in the form of a café shop, a restaurant, a pool, a wellness and services was concerned first of all. Along with two dominant towers a hotel ought to be placed in another – lower tower. The name illustrates the fact that the complex will offer inhabitants the outlook for the Bratislava panorama basically, which it will supplement in height and will change it. “

Told by other words – in contrast to before notified intentions „the Bratislava twins“will not bring Bratislava and Slovakia the so much promised first skyscraper. „Experiences with the Kempinski hotel and River Park force us to think about re-evaluation of the target group of the project from the high to higher middle class, because the power of the market is not such at the end, which we expected. High and slim buildings involve high expenditures, what forces us to decrease them. We have to make projects which banks and clients are willing to finance. So we are re-evaluating the concept of Panorama City, but anyway it is valid, that it will fall harmonically into the rising new ward and will enrich it, “the J&T Real Estate speaker pointed out.

Klingerka also aspirates to be a winner

The structure, which will rise between Košická and Súkenícká Streets, situated on the place of demolished hundred years’ old factory Gumon, has also engaged into the fight for the skyscraper primate. The new multifunctional complex called Klingerka will cover the entire area of 208 thousand m2 and will be created by four blocks A, B, C and D. Its investors are Koruna Invest (block A), Internationale (blocks B and C) and Hotel Tatra (block D). Along with the 28-storeyed hotel involving 582 beds the residential tower ought to become the main dominant of the project, which by its 157 metres height and the number of 45 aboveground garages will affect substantially the silhouette of the capital.

The common project managed by one project team in which commercial and residential functions supplement each other – it was the starting thesis about the Klingerka development concept. As the chief of Koruna Invest, Gustáv Laca, told above one year ago, the building-up in the locality, which has to be removed from ecological loads (soil contaminated by former Apollo bombing in year 1944 and permanent chemical production), will not be easy. And although the developer did not desist from the original „height plan“ till now, already that time it was clear that to fulfil original terms of launching (03 / 2009) and finalization (12 / 2011) of building works will not be succeeded. However, time went forward and the question how the project will look like in the final version remains without answer. In case of postponing it the ruins can wake up other projects developers’ resentment (HB Reavis Group, J&T, Vara Group, Sekyra Group, Penta).

In spite of criticized demolish of the cultural sign (the building of Bakelite press room) the Klingerka project has the positive aspect that it will clean off the environment of the zone and release the way to more ecological using it instead of additional loading by industrial production. All notified competitive projects (Twin City, Panorama City, multifunctional complex on the place of cvernovka /yarns production works/, Centrum Bottova, Lipový Park) would help each other in case of realization by increasing the value of the entire locality and creating lucrative space of the highest quality.

Visualisation – HB Reavis Group, J&T, Koruna Invest

Autor: SF / Juraj Pokorný, Dátum 10.03.2009