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The Chalupkova zone will re-create the Bratislava panorama radically

The Chalupkova zone will re-create the Bratislava panorama radically

Last Wednesday became the long-time waited day „D“: the proceeding on the city-planning documentation – the city-planning scheme of the Chalupkova zone in the Old City municipal district begun namely. The municipal council offered inhabitants entirely 30-day term for application of comments and suggestions to the submitted documentation, during which it will be available on the authority table in Medená Street and on the Internet page www.staremesto.sk. After public proceeding with inhabitants, which is held on April 06, 2009 in the seat of the local office on Vajanské nábrežie 3, where its processor –Jela Company will provide professional commentary as well, it will be possible to state that the intention was shifted by one small step to its fulfilment, in spite never-ending in some moments…

The proposal of the city-planning scheme of Chalupkova in Bratislava Old City solves future look and function of the locality bordered by streets Košická (from east), Landererova (from south), Dostojevského rad and Karadžičova (from west) and Mlynské nivy (from north). In the nearest years– unless the crisis will not decide otherwise –large investment building would burst out in this post-industrial and non-urbanized space, in the frame of which there will grow big multifunctional complexes with several height dominants exceeding present Slovak records.

Study inspired the new size to the locality

In November 2007 the urban-architectonic study of Chalupkova – Landererova zone from the architectonic workshop Adom. M Studia (Jela Plencnerová and Martin Paško) was introduced professional public, which became the starting point of further development of this attractive locality. The old industrial district of Bratislava in the area of former Apollo refinery from the second half of 19th century would transform to a modern city district according to it. A part of liquid substance, in vicinity of Landererova Street, which underground water did not flow out after bombing Apollo, became solid after times and fastened to gravel underlay. That is why dangerous material laying in the depth 2 to 9 meters under the ground will have to be replaced before the building start.

The proposed development ought to bring together 340 000 m2 of new floor area and above 4 800 parking places in the underground garage according to the study and to offer new home for 4 000 people as well. „It is one periphery, industrial district re-building for something that will be huge enrichment for the city,“ Štefan Šlachta, the main architect of Bratislava, told that time. The internal transport cycle is created by four commonly connected communications (Čulenova, Továrenská, Chalupkova and the new street) with a wide green stripe and a trees alley in the middle. This „green boulevards” could become a characteristic feature of the locality according to the Martin Paška study.

In case of the Chalupkova zone complex annulling of past is not concerned – traces of historical continuity ought to be carried by several kept historical buildings namely, which the study plans to compose into the new build-up (for example the original Centrum Bottova, reconstructed object Design Factory). In connection with these sights their utilization for cultural-social or exhibition events is considered. The destiny of the existing object of the former power plant by architect Dušan Jurkovič remained disputable, keeping of which is also considered. In modern urbanisation of the city, the centum of which is shifting to former industrial zones every year, the gigantic cheesy chimney has nothing to do that is to say.

Sophisticated height stepping

The urban study takes also other investment activities into consideration in the immediate surrounding, which nobody was available to harmonize till now. Mainly existing complexes Tower 115, VÚB, CBC as well as being prepared mega projects Twin City, Panorama City, Klingerka and Centrum Bottova are concerned, which ought to create together one complementary urban unit. However, characteristic of all the affected area connects to the original intention to build-up the zone in the vicinity of the Apollo Bridge, which would become the continual sequel of the being created district Eurovea and so would create the continual range of the Bratislava modern centre, which is missing the broadminded dimensioned space till now.

The present city-planning scheme handles sophisticatedly with the height stepping of the building-up area, which would launch with lowest new buildings around the central square involving the area of 1.2 hectares and several smaller squares in the centre of the whole zone (above-standard housing, administrative, hotels, shops) and as near to its edge parts as more their height would grows (from 24 up to 45 storeys). But will not be spread to all directions. The Chalupkova zone edge faced to the centre of the city will be, of course, covered by the smaller build-up area compared with opposite – eastern end near the Apollo Bridge.

So the new orientation „watch lights“ will be added at the landmark of the Old City and Ružinov although it would be more accurate to speak about the first concentration – the so called „nest“ of high buildings in Bratislava, which will re-create its panorama visibly in case of the whole building-up realization in the full range. The design together makes the volume and height parameters more real to more acceptable measure, in order the contrast with the existing building-up area was not strong and the city was able to absorb better traffic loading resulted from it. The Urban structure consists of municipal blocks, proportions of which induces „pleasant environment with the keeping of human being measure. “

The term will define the destiny of the building stoppage

It ought to be building fully in former areas of the cable works and the power plant in a close time. So far no other than sanitation mechanisms attest it. Besides HB Reavis Group also Penta wants to build-up on this area, but seeing that its progress is in functional utilizing the area only, the beginning of building works is not expected earlier than after two years. Development 5, the daughter of the Hrivis group, plans to build-up the multifunctional object here. However, all investors are forced to wait hopelessly for the change of the city-planning scheme, which ought to re-define the area from industrial to housing-multifunctional one.

The local self-administration tries, logically and naturally, to implement game rules and to suspend the building-up till the city-planning scheme approval. That is why it called the building stoppage in the Chalupkova zone in October 2008 in spite of the municipal council disagreement. Several investors including the Západoslovenská energetika appealed against it, so the Old City moved forward the building documentation to the regional building Office, which ought to decide on the building stoppage in final instance.

Real beginning of the building-up in the zone depends on several factors: the city-planning scheme, final decision on the building stoppage, patience and goodwill of investors (and their banks) and of course – on the crisis. One important, maybe the most important factor also enters the game – static and dynamic transports. Regarding the extensiveness of the prepared projects number of parking places is not determined by the build-up area, but by a specific regulative. Now they have be about 400 of them per one hectare, but further treatment will also touch function of buildings in connection with dynamic transport according to the source from the municipal council. Because of it is not clear in this moment when and in which form, the term of ground and sinking works launch in the Chalupkova zone is in the starts so far.

In this relation something other is bewildering: inability of the Old City self-administration to foreseen and regulate rough building expansion in this lucrative locality in time. The zone-planning scheme comes in delayed time and by its way it creates imagination that it would not be an original initiative, but only reaction to massive pressure of developers, who do not relax henceforward in spite of some slackness after the global crisis incoming.

Visualisation and plans – Ister II /skyscrapercity.com / staremesto.sk / Adom. M Studio
2 – Maybe the Bratislava silhouette could look like that from the castle hill after the Chalupkova zone and other big projects in its vicinity are finalized according to the visualization of an unknown author on skyscrapercity.com.
3, 4, 5 – Mass structure of objects in the future Chalupkova zone

Autor: SF / Juraj Pokorný, Dátum 31.03.2009